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Day in a Life

It’s the third day of the new year and it’s also the end of the week.  I gazed at the window from my home office to figure out a good topic to talk about.  I clicked on my ideas folder inside Scrivener and found one that I’ve been wanting to write.  It’s how I spend my day.

Now, instead of starting from my waking moment, let me start from the night before.  I recently started following some of the exemplars' advise of ending your day on a positive note.  I learned that one way to do that is to ruminate and to write down things that you are thankful.  So, that’s how I end my day.  Follow me to the next morning.

I set my alarm at precisely 5:00 A.M.

Most successful people shared that they wake up very early.  Research have shown that our creative juices are at its peak during the morning.   This is why I have refrain from checking my emails first.  There are articles that reinforced the idea that we should focus more on our priorities instead of relying on others—via email—to set them up for us.  This is how I set my day.

I try to get the office shortly after 6:00 A.M.  This provides me the environment I need to be creative and to do deep thinking.

I write things down.

Before I start my day at the office, I write down 3 tasks that I need to focus on for the day.  Part of my credo is goals or tasks that are written down get done.  I always carry a notebook where I keep my daily notes and tasks.

In addition to writing down my tasks, I also get to write an essay. I generally keep it to around 300 or so words.  In my mind, a human being can read that prose in a minute or two.  I try to respect my readers’ time.

I take regular walks.

After a couple of hours, I go on and take a ten minute walk.  This is where I phase myself to come up with the strategy on how to get those tasks done.  Additionally, this is also the time I ruminate on the progress I am making.  This is also the time I get more oxygen into my brain.

The grind.

The next few hours are spent on working on those tasks and attending important meetings.  Futher, I get to check on my emails periodically throughout the day.  I have adopted a habit of checking them on a set rhythm.  This cadence allows me to focus.  My goal was to limit distractions while I’m grinding on getting those tasks done.

I reflect on my day.

Before I close shop, I get to check those boxes next to the tasks I set to do.  I also take this opportunity to write down tasks I intend to do the next day.  It is rewarding to know that what you have set out to do in the morning gets done.  I can say with certainty that my day was productive.

I listen to podcasts.

Before I get up to bid my farewell to my colleagues for the day, I ensure my favorite podcast—The Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedantam—is on deck.  I get to listen to a couple of episodes on my drive home.  In addition to reading, I consider podcasts as another source of knowledge.  It is also where I learn new words; way much better than trying to memorize three license plates.

The most exciting part of my day.

After that couple of episodes, I pull in to my driveway with a sense of gratitude.  I’m thankful for the day and I’m thankful I get to see my beautiful wife and daughter.

Day in a Life
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