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Use 'Em or Lose 'Em

I'm not talking about your PTO days.

What was the last skill have you learned? Do you find joy in learning? What medium did you use to reinforce your experience? Did you know that learning leads to improve wellness?

In today’s modern society, there are plenty of ways to learn.  With the advent of high-speed internet, one can just press a few keys on their keyboard and that can get them started.

We generally start with our favorite search engine.  Others may prefer a more formal online course.  And, for the rest of us who prefer the old fashion way, there is the brick and mortar library.

That is right, I still prefer going to the library.  It is a place where one can slow down their racing minds to focus.  Research have shown that spending some quiet time can improve your hippocampus—the area in your brain responsible for learning and memory.  Additionally, in collaboration with the area of the brain that produce dopamine, going to the library brings me joy.

In recent years, 77% of Americans aged 16 and above expressed that they find the library useful.  The library provides a slew of services—books, online publications, audio materials, conference rooms, Chromebooks, Wi-Fi—and for some of us, we use it as a place for reading, for learning.

Experts have noted that learning new skills strengthen your brain.  The experience sparks activities in the brain that contributes to information acquisition and memory formation.  I believe this alone should enthused our modern society to aspire for learning.

To further reinforce your learning, some experts suggest you pair it with physical exercises like aerobics.  They posits that exercise helps with neurogenesis—the process of neurons production—that leads to more cells generating in your brain.  There is a catch.  In a couple of weeks, those new cells are programmed to die.  One way to save them is through mental learning.  The more challenging the learning, the better chances are in saving those neurons.

With the pervasive amount of data being pushed—as in notification—and ingested—as in passive learning—we should look for ways to enhance our memory retention.  I am convince we may have found a way that can help and that is to learn, learn, and learn new things.  Who knows, it may bring you joy as it did for me.

Use 'Em or Lose 'Em
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