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Azure ApplicationGateway MultiSite SSL issue

We have configured an application gateway in Azure and setup a couple of HttpListeners as Multi-Sites.  We are also utilizing SSL certificates.

The behavior we noticed from Azure is that both sites were using the same SSL certificate even though we set them up with different certificates.

After researching, I came across this open Azure Issue #426 in Github. Well, this one talks about having Kubernetes in the setup, and in our case, we do not have Kubernetes.  But the behavior described in the issue resembles the one we saw.

Having this data point, we tried the work around and I'm happy to share that it worked.  Here's the Powershell snippet:

$gw = Get-AzApplicationGateway -Name "agw01" -ResourceGroupName "rg-sandbox-net" -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

if ($gw) {
    # Update the RequiredServerNameIndication to true
    $gw.HttpListeners | foreach { $_.RequireServerNameIndication = "true"}

    # Save the changes back to the management plane
    Set-AzApplicationGateway $gw

I hope this helps.  Thank you.

Azure ApplicationGateway MultiSite SSL issue
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