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Organizing 2019 with Bullets or Dots

Happy New Year everyone.

My left brain has been hibernating for the last six months and I believe a lot of things have changed, at least I can speak for myself.

I have transitioned to a new role in our organization. In addition to my data platform responsibilities, I am now disrupting the status quo of SAP Basis administration.

In the last three months, I have been busy with transitioning our Basis support model to manage services. And, like all other changes, it made us come out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves to be better than yesterday. To make process and systems better than when we found them.

The best way to start in moving the needle is to define a baseline--to quantify where you are at--that you can use to contrast where you are three or six months from when you started.

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

Once you have defined that baseline, you need to start organizing your year, quarter, months, weeks, and dailies to get started.

What I am about to share with you is a way of teaching your brain how to work in time boxes. To those of you familiar with bullet or dot journaling, this is a subset of that.

What I came up with is a very simplified way of journaling using a simple spreadsheet--in my case, I've used Google Sheets--to keep track of my future, monthly, and weekly spreads.

And this is what my weekly spread look like:


With bullet or dot journaling, you really are in control how you want your spreads to look like.

As shown here, there's a couple of columns for some of the KPI's I am watching on a daily basis. And, that's the beauty of bullet or dot journaling, you can put whatever you want.

In a nutshell, here's how I use this tool:

In columns D thru F, you can put your todo tasks, notes, or events.

  • tasks are denoted with a dot (.). For those tasks that you have completed, you replace the dot with an x.
  • notes are denoted with a dash (-).
  • events are denoted with an o.

In columns H thru L, you can put additional notes.

I still do traditional dot journaling using my pen and notebook, but I find using a spreadsheet a productivity boost when you have a very hectic schedule.

I hope you find this tool or technique useful.

Thank you.

Organizing 2019 with Bullets or Dots
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