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Microsoft acquires Github

We are taking a break from our normal theme today to talk geek. This move by Microsoft can be pivotal to one of their current product offering.

Today, Microsoft announced an agreement to acquire Github for $7.5 billion.

Microsoft + Github = Empowering Developers

Read more from Satya Nadella's blog message.

Ok, my initial thought on this is about TFS. Yes, Team Foundation Server. I opine if you are still using this tool, you should re-evaluate.

This announcement can be a wake-up call to those Microsoft customers--still on TFS--who have not moved to Git yet.

I never looked back when I made the strategic decision to move my team to Git many years ago.

In the version we evaluated, TFS lacked the feature--or workflows--I envisioned to help my team be more productive. I am talking about branch creation and cherry-picking to name a couple.

Microsoft has not made any mention of TFS in their announcement. We'll see if my hunch is correct. Stay tuned.

Microsoft acquires Github
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