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Opine away but don't take the off-ramp to dogmatism.

Everyone opines about anything under the sun--even anything around it--and it's healthy. We should enable it; encourage it. The off-ramp to the cliff comes when it turns to dogmatism.

If we are stating an opinion, we should state it with clarity. For instance, I would start the conversation with "my opinion, ..." or "I think, ..." when sharing my views on any topic.

In contrast, we should cite credible and reputable sources when we are stating a fact. I open with "Research have shown,..." and follow it with the organization that conducted it; or start with "Based on the author of ..." and share the author's expertise on the field.

The next time you are ask to opine, articulate right away that you are. Be true to yourself and to your audience. People will judge you based on your character, values and the way you express yourself.

Let's be on the watch for that off-ramp and stay the course to making positive influence to humanity. It starts with you.

Opine away but don't take the off-ramp to dogmatism.
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