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Take the CEO of your brain to the gym

For a while now, I have been researching brain plasticity; I was curious how it relates to the way we think and behave. My opinion, understanding what happens under the hood helps in determining the path to self-improvement.

I've found this 15-minute clip in YouTube which talks briefly about how our brain is structured and how it behaves when you are in front of a huge crowd in contrast with when you have your eyes close and meditating.

Even though the material is a few years back, the message is still relevant. When you practice the discipline to focus, you exercise your brain like taking it to the brain gym, making them stronger.

Often times, people express reservations when they hear the word meditation. I don't blame them; I myself was not too excited about this topic earlier. However, I've learned there are numerous studies which proves that by practicing meditation, it helps strengthen the connections among the hundred billion neurons in your brain.

That's it for today, let me know how you feel about this topic. Stay focus.

Take the CEO of your brain to the gym
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