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Why Ghost

Ghost is the minimalistic way of creating a blog platform. I enjoy the simplistic interface. The architecture is very well thought-off. I am just scratching the surface but I think Ghost checks a lot of the checkboxes in my checklist.

If I have to make a comparison, Ghost is to Blog platform as macOS is the productivity platform.

I am using the Docker Ghost solution with my blog, and that too is very easy to implement. If I have the resources, I would have gone with the Ghost Pro to help the cause.

I really love the Unsplash integration. You can easily add images to your post without scrambling to find the images from other providers. That was really a smart move.

I can't wait for additional apps integration with Ghost.

Just to wrap it up, if you are looking for a fast, reliable, easy to use blogging platform, I highly recommend Ghost.

Why Ghost
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